Knowledge Management and Cryptocurrencies: review and reflection


  • Eduardo Tomé Universidade Lusofona de Humanidades e Tecnologias e Universidade de Aveiro GOVCOPP
  • Elizaveta Gromova E4 Conferences



Knowledge Management, Economic assets, cryptocurrencies


In this paper we try to reflect on how one of the financial phenomena of the last twenty years, namely cryptocurrencies, has been analysed by the scientific community of the Knowledge Management (KM) field. The issue is relevant because the raise of cryptocurrencies as an economic asset has been occurring in a time in which KM gained social prominence. And also because the evolution of cryptocurrencies should be also related to knowledge about their own value. Within this context, we present a literature review on papers that exist in the SCOPUS database about cryptocurrencies and KM. After analysing those papers, the general idea is that KM is very far away from the cryptocurrency phenomenon; the reason may be that it is very difficult to use the more common models available on KM to analyse cryptocurrencies; also the economic and social agents that might be interested in KM are not those who invest in cryptocurrencies; finally, the data available on cryptocurrencies are mostly speculative, and it is very difficult to make any scientific study on them. These conclusions may be of interest for the KM community at large, because they indicate a new subfield of research, and for practitioners, because they mean that there is not much science in the evolution of cryptocurrencies themselves. Finally, for policymakers, the findings mean the expanding the possibility of use of cryptocurrencies in societies may be extremely risky given their volatility and the lack of precise scientific knowledge about them. The paper is original because it relates to concepts that have only very seldom and scarcely put together.