CLARK: Building Conversational Intelligence for Knowledge Management in the Space Domain


  • Marcel Henriquez Industry
  • Andrew Herd
  • Paulius Danènas
  • Darius Dilijonas
  • Jose Ontiveros



conversational intelligence, chatbot, knowledge graphs, natural language querying, knowledge re-use


This paper presents the case study of the CLARK (Captured Lessons applied for the Reuse of Knowledge) project which is an evolution of the Lessons Learned (LL) portal at the European Space Agency (ESA). The SCARLET research activity has been a key for-runner to this project on an academic research level. It has provided us with important insights into the architecture of the system design. A knowledge graph (KG) has been developed to (re)search (for) knowledge from different angles through the established relationships by combining and structuring data from many sources. Additionally, a chatbot is trained to provide a conversational intelligence experience on top of the data provided by the different Knowledge Management (KM) activities at ESA. Hence, CLARK project enables to retrieve, search, or provide knowledge for the employees across ESA through different interfaces connected to the core systems. In this paper, we also report some findings from the initial testing which indicate very promising results in terms of user engagement and usability of CLARK system and the overall approach. The paper also discusses current and future challenges.