Role of Managers in Stimulating Innovativeness of Employees in Enterprises


  • Felicjan Bylok Czestochowa University of Technology



leadership, innovativeness, innovative organisational climate, enterprise


The process of creating knowledge and innovation is becoming a significant challenge for enterprises operating on both international and domestic markets. A key factor that has an impact on this process refers to the actions of managers on behalf of creating an environment that is favourable towards the innovativeness of employees. A significant task for managers is to initiate, support and control the innovative activities of employees. By assuming that managers have a significant impact on the process of creating knowledge and innovation in enterprises, this facilitated the formulation of the research objective, which was to search for the answers to the following two research questions: What relationships exist between manager traits and employee innovativeness in enterprises? To what extent do leadership attributes influence creating an innovative organizational climate in enterprises? The assumed goal was executed due to the application of the method of critical analysis of literary sources and the survey method. The empirical research conducted among 179 enterprises from the list of 500 largest enterprises in Poland was conducted in 2019 with the aid of a standardized survey questionnaire using the techniques of CATI and CAWI. As a result of the research, statistically significant relations were discovered between the features of managers and the level of innovation and knowledge in the analysed enterprises. Their positive impact on the innovative environment was illustrated. The research findings acquired provide knowledge about the role of managers in terms of stimulating the innovative behaviour of employees.