Overcoming the Challenges of Digitalisation in Hungarian Manufacturing Companies


  • Nóra Obermayer Dr.




digital technologies, digitalisation, digital competences, manufacturing companies


The digitalisation has become an imperative for most organisations and their workforces in our world of emergent and continuous changes. Digital technologies are evolving at the speed of light, such as big data analytics, social media, artificial intelligence, internet of things, etc., and the platform built with these technologies. In this context, digitalisation refers to the adoption of these technologies for communications and business activities into digital ones connecting people, products, services and systems. Recently, studies began to emphasise the significant role of integrating human factors into digitalised workplaces and investigate deeply how well prepared they are — workforces and organisations — for the digitalisation challenges in the era of Industry 4.0. The aim of our research is to provide a survey-based result on digital skills of the workforce influenced by digitalisation and to support organisations to fulfil digitalisation challenges. The data used for the analysis come from a primary online questionnaire survey conducted in the spring of 2021. The questionnaire was completed by managers and white collar workers of Hungarian manufacturing companies (n=621). The analysis is based on quantitative methodology, descriptive statistics and relationship analyses were used. The results showed the identified level of experience of workforces related to digital technologies and the level of development of the organisations.