Sharing Information on Employment Conditions in Social Media by Representatives of Different Generations, and the Image of the Organization


  • Joanna Gajda Częstochowa University of Technology, Faculty of Management



Keywords:  information, sharing information, social media, representatives of generations, company image


Social media is becoming an increasingly popular source of information for Internet users. They set up their accounts on the well-known and most frequently used social networking sites in order to use them, inter alia, to exchange information on professional matters. By posting your opinions and comments about the employer, various photos or videos from the workplace, they have a positive or negative impact on the creation of the company's image.The article aims to identify the users' activity in social media in terms of sharing information about their workplace. The article presents the results of the research on: verification of the situations that determined the involvement of the respondents in the publication of negative opinions about the employer; identifying the motives for posting information on working conditions; specification of the types of entries from the company's life that affect its image.This article is an attempt to answer the question whether belonging to a specific generation group and the professional status of an employee influence the generation of positive or negative actions in social media, which translate into the company's image. The considerations carried out as part of the article were based on literature studies and the analysis of the results of surveys conducted in the fourth quarter of 2021 on a group of 530 people (representing 3 generations) from the Śląskie Voivodeship in Poland. The Baby Boomers generation did not take part in the study.