Exploring Team Role Typologies and Taxonomies

A Systematic Literature Analysis





team role typologies, team role taxonomies, systematic literature analysis, literature review, MAXQDA, AI tools


The field of team role typologies and taxonomies is characterized by a lack of conceptual clarity and dominance of a single primary source. This study aims to shed light on the relationships between authors of team role typologies/taxonomies by conducting a systematic literature analysis. The focus is on analyzing authors listed in articles specifically addressing team roles. The resulting analysis provides a list of authors of typologies or taxonomies of team roles as a preparation for further phases of our research. The methodology employed involves a literature review. The selection of articles was based on the Scopus database, with additional searches conducted on publisher websites and ResearchGate to ensure comprehensive coverage. Advanced lexical search software facilitated the identification of authors associated with typologies and taxonomies. The study presents a waypoint list of probably relevant authors for further analysis. Furthermore, the potential of AI tools in literature review and the use of applications for creating schematic maps based on bibliographic records are discussed, with a promise of further investigation in future studies. Overall, this study provides a comprehensive summary of authors involved in the development of team role typologies and taxonomies, providing a foundation for future research to validate and expand upon the identified author relationships. It emphasizes the need to explore the diverse approaches in this field, while also recognizing the significant influence of seminal figures such as M. Belbin. By unraveling the complexities of author relationships, this study paves the way for deeper insights into team dynamics and roles within organizations.