Creation of a method for the adoption of digital transformation for medium enterprises in the education business in Switzerland


  • Mike Krey Zurich University of Applied Sciences
  • Jan Anderegg
  • Pascal Burri
  • Matthias Röthlin
  • Armando Müller



The education sector, like most others, is currently experiencing a rapidly advancing digital transformation. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this process is taking place faster than it would have without the virus. Currently, there are no methods that allow the affected educational institutions to quickly and efficiently implement the digital transformation. As a first step of this work, online research was conducted to determine the current state of digital transformation in the education sector in relation to the elaborated requirements. To identify differences between educational institutions of different sizes and to reach a specific analysis of the domain, the educational institutions were divided into different categories according to the number of their employees. A survey was then prepared and sent to all identified educational institutions for processing. The main goal of the survey was to reflect the current state of the educational institutions. Furthermore, the requirements as well as the efforts of the individual institutions in the area of digital transformation were of high interest. As a second step, based on the analysis of the survey, a method was created to support the educational institutions in the digital transformation, taking into account their current situation and their progress and status of digital transformation. For further research, a more detailed investigation of how the method works in practice could be conducted.