Organizational Behavior in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Systematic Review and Future Research Agenda


  • Shesira Belén Mamani-Ildefonso Universidad Privada del Norte
  • Vanessa Noemi Quispe-Martinez Universidad Privada del Norte
  • Franklin Cordova-Buiza Research, Innovation and Social Responsibility Department, Universidad Privada del Norte, Lima, Peru; Faculty of Business Sciences, Universidad Continental, Huancayo, Peru
  • Gisela Analy Fernandez-Hurtado Universidad Privada del Norte



Organizational behavior, Work environment, Performance, MSMEs, moral values


The main objective of the research is to determine the impact of organizational behavior among small and medium-sized companies in the scientific literature between 2012 and 2022. The Prisma 2020 methodology (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta - Analyses) was used for the processing of data obtained in the collection of articles supported by databases such as: Redalyc, Scopus, Dialnet and Scielo from which a total of 18 articles related to the study variable were obtained, 90% of them coming from Latin America, occupying the first place Colombia followed by Ecuador, all in Spanish language; on the other hand, the sectors and items that were used for the studies were 30% private and industrial educational sector. For the analysis of relevant information and keywords on the variable, ATLAS ti.22 was used, which allows identifying the concepts and topics with greater mention and relevance, among them: the authors indicate that the study of organizational behavior allows predicting the behavior of people within companies; it also helps to find the best work structure, identifies people's skills and improves the flow of horizontal and vertical communication; at the same time, it is the most complex to develop because each person is considered a genuine and unique link, which have different criteria, thoughts and points of view. In conclusion, it is argued that in order to maintain a good working environment within the company where effective labor relations based on ethical and moral values are fostered or executed, the full understanding and management of behaviors and attitudes among the members of the organization must be prioritized; only in this way will there be a satisfactory impact on the performance of the collaborators. This research will allow future researchers to link organizational culture with the performance and loyalty of their collaborators, prioritizing policies and norms that sustain harmony and efficiency in a company.

Author Biographies

Shesira Belén Mamani-Ildefonso, Universidad Privada del Norte

Shesira Belén Mamani-Ildefonso, 8th cycle student of the administration career. She is currently studying at the Universidad Privada del Norte. She obtained 3 certifications through the Conecta Empleo digital training program which were Digital Marketing, Brand Building and finally Effective Negotiation Tactics. She also has certificates obtained in Basic Office courses.

Vanessa Noemi Quispe-Martinez, Universidad Privada del Norte

Vanessa Noemi Quispe-Martinez, student of 9 cycle of the administration career, belonging to the Universidad Privada del Norte. I am certified in Intermediate Office Automation Tools, I have 2 diplomas, one in Public Management and the other in Integrated Financial Administration System - SIAF and I have 3 courses directed in Claims Management in Public Administration Entities, Public Management with an International Focus and the other on Preparing the Position Classification Manual and the Provisional Personnel Assignment Table.

Franklin Cordova-Buiza, Research, Innovation and Social Responsibility Department, Universidad Privada del Norte, Lima, Peru; Faculty of Business Sciences, Universidad Continental, Huancayo, Peru

Franklin Cordova-Buiza is a doctoral candidate in Social and Legal Sciences at the University of Cordoba, Spain. Has a master's in Administration with a mention in business management from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Perú, with Postgraduate Specialization in Marketing and Tourism Business Plans. University Professor, researcher and consultant; author of scientific articles related to tourism and marketing.

Gisela Analy Fernandez-Hurtado, Universidad Privada del Norte

Gisela Analy Fernandez-Hurtado, degree in administration and international business and bachelor's degree in international relations, master's degree in business management at ESAN university, extensive experience in the research sector in international book publishing, specialist in the commercial area and foreign relations in public and private companies.