Leading transformation in an uncertain world: A case for strategic speculative design


  • Ingjerd J. Straand University of Stavanger
  • Birgit Helene Jevnaker BI Norwegian Business School




Strategic speculative design, digital transformation, leadership, organisational change, new capabilities


Strategic speculative design is an uncertainty-oriented approach to perceptually bridge today with envisioned futures through knowledge-seeking design practices such as User experience design. As such, it may complement practices for facilitating transformative change found in management theory and innovation. Despite gaining importance in design schools, strategic speculative design however remains largely unfamiliar in leadership and management research and practice. We argue that this perspective may enable more active participation and dialogue with a variety of stakeholders about forthcoming or possible transformations, which may open for new or improved construction of opportunity in the present. Our paper is conceptual and offers a new model for strategic speculative design as an organisational change method relevant for transformation leadership and discusses possible managerial implications.