What does ownership structure tell us about Integrated Reporting of Polish listed companies?


  • Justyna Fijałkowska University of Social Sciences https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4236-1491
  • Dominika Hadro Wroclaw University of Economics and Business https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7904-7685
  • Łukasz Bryl Poznan University of Economics and Business
  • Valerio Brescia University of Turin
  • Silvana Secinaro University of Turin




ownership structure, governance mechanisms, integrated reporting, disclosure patterns


This paper aims to link the quantity and quality of information disclosed in Integrated Reports of the Polish listed companies with their ownership structure, through which we explore the manifestation of governance mechanism. Our study investigates two main problems in the literature concerning factors and logical relations explaining companies' disclosure patterns in the information reported to stakeholders; the first concerns measures of the quantity and quality of disclosure, and the second is focused on the explanation of the relations. Our paper addresses both issues by proposing an application of advanced textual analysis tools to assess the quantity and quality of the information disclosed. Second, contrasting to the great majority of existing research-based almost exclusively on correlation methods with linearity assumptions, this study presents a practical implementation of the QCA tool to analyse how the ownership structure influences the company disclosure patterns. The results obtained in this study may be of great importance to the governance of companies, IR prepares and regulators.