The influence of brand avoidance on consumers purchasing decision


  • Aloysius Sabog Tomas Bata University
  • George Yaw Bludo
  • Miloslava Chovancova




One of the most important factors affecting a company's capacity to achieve a competitive advantage over its rivals is its brand. This paper seeks to examine the impact of brand avoidance on consumer purchasing decisions. Consumers are more likely to be satisfied and have higher expectations when brand managers can offer them high-quality products. Additionally, quality brands have a favourable impact on the consumer's purchasing decision. This study uses a qualitative methodology, notably document analysis, to uncover relevant sources on the subject to achieve the study’s aim. Furthermore, a keyword-based search of the databases of Web of Science, Google Scholar, and Scopus was carried out to find seventeen useful scientific papers to reach the study's objective. The findings of the study showed that identity avoidance, moral avoidance, and deficit-value avoidance all had a significant impact on consumers' purchasing decisions through the literature reviewed. As a result, the study offers both theoretical and practical directions on how to succeed in getting away from the underlying reasons for disregard for brands so that consumers make insightful purchase decisions.

Keywords: Brand Avoidance, Consumer Purchasing Decision