Methods for Learning in Tripartite Collaboration – A Study Inspired by Action Research




Action research, Work-related health,, Tripartite collaboration, Digital application, Engagement


Both private and public organizations are in need of employees with sustainable health, to be effective and productive. Mobile health applications have now started to be implemented for health promotion for individuals and groups at work. Such applications can motivate participation and engagement for health activities, and support managers in suggesting appropriate activities for the individuals and for the working groups, to promote the health of the employees in the production industry. The aim of this research is to analyze how research activities can be designed in collaboration with industrial companies and a software company to support learning for improved work-related health, in implementing digital applications. Action research is used as an approach to knowledge production within this field of work. This paper sheds light on the underlying mechanisms that make the collaborative endeavor a dynamic and impactful process. The active involvement of researchers, private industrial companies, and the software company is not merely a facilitator for data collection; it is the driving force that propels the research forward, ensuring its relevance, innovation, and real-world impact.