Effective Elements of Climate Change Videos on the YouTube Platform





YouTube Platform, Climate Changes, Content-based Analysis


In an era where visual communication is important, understanding the key components that make climate change videos effective is essential for improving awareness and driving meaningful actions. This research presents an overview of YouTube’s educational content on climate change, aiming to identify elements that contribute to the effectiveness of these videos. We used a questionnaire targeting bachelor’s and master’s students to learn about their preferences regarding the available videos and their beliefs concerning the use of YouTube as an educational platform. A curated list of videos was used to explore how students perceive their influence on personal interest and engagement in climate change. Accordingly, each student watched three videos related to climate change and provided information concerning their impressions. By reviewing various attributes of the videos related to climate change, such as the content structure, engagement, and similar, we extracted the essential characteristics that are associated with more positive reactions to these videos as significant educational tools.

Author Biographies

Zeinab Shahbazi, Halmstad University

Zeinab Shahbazi, is a Postdoctoral Researcher in field of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. She conducts research on Data Mining, Natural Language processing, ML and AI. 

Slawomir Nowaczyk, Halmstad University

Slawomir Nowaczyk is Profesor at halmstad University. He conducts research on Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge representation and Data Mining.