The Influence of Social Networks on the Purchasing Behavior of Wine Consumers in Portugal




social networks; consumer behavior; wine sector; social media marketing


The present study was developed to understand the consumer's perception of purchasing wine online, verify whether Social Networks are a good source of information about wine, identify the main sources of information that consumers use to search, and finally assess the importance of Social Networks for SMEs in the wine sector. As a methodological approach, we implemented qualitative and quantitative research, including an in-depth interview with a marketing professional from a company in the wine sector, providing valuable insights into how they manage their brands and the challenges faced by the company in the digital scenario. We also prepared an online questionnaire survey, which investigated the purchasing and consumption behavior of buyers and consumers of Portuguese wines. The conclusions of this study presented significant practical implications for companies in the wine sector in Portugal. Therefore, we also see that these companies will be able to add efficiency to their digital marketing strategies, promoting their products in a more targeted and engaging way. In a complementary way, by recognizing the crucial role of Social Networks, companies will be able to establish a stronger and more authentic digital presence, building solid relationships with consumers.

Author Biographies

Manuel Sousa Pereira, Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo

Manuel Joaquim de Sousa Pereira. He completed his PhD in Communication Sciences (2014) Master's Degree in Communication Sciences (2008) from the University of Santiago de Compostela and Master's in Marketing and Strategic Communication (2004) and Degree in Public Relations (1998) from Fernando Pessoa University. He is a Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo and has been an Assistant Professor at the Portucalense University Infante Dom Henrique. Published 18 articles in specialized magazines. It has 7 book chapter(s) and 5 book(s). Organized 10 event(s). Participated in 114 event(s). Supervised 2 master's thesis(s). Supervised 16 work(s) for the conclusion of the degree/bachelor's course. Works in the area(s) of Social Sciences with an emphasis on Other Social Sciences. In his professional activities he interacted with 30 collaborator(s) in co-authorship of scientific papers. In its Ciência Vitae curriculum, the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural production are: Strategic communication; Communication efficiency; Talent management; Organizational strategy; Personal communication; Communication interactivity; Learning dynamics; IBERCOM International Congress; Communication efficiency; talent management; organizational strategy; Communication efficiency; Talent management; Organizational innovation; Personal leadership; Business efficiency; Communication management; Business efficiency; sponsorship; buy intention; Oakley; sporting events; consumer behavior; sponsorship; buy intention; sporting events; consumer behavior; .

Eulália Silva, Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo

Master's student in Marketing at the Higher School of Business Sciences at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo.

Paula Oliveira, Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo

PhD in Communication Sciences - University of Santiago de Compostela. Master’s degree in marketing management from IPAM and a degree in Marketing from ISAG. Lecturer at ESCE- IPVC on the Marketing and Business Organisation and Management degrees. Supervisor of students in master's dissertations, the examiner in master's defenses.

Alvaro Cairrão, Applied Management Research Unit (UNIAG) Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo

PhD in Communication Sciences. Working as at the Higher School of Business Sciences of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo. He has been an interdisciplinary researcher, whose research is developing at the interface among Strategic Communication, Marketing, Brand Management, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing and organizational leadership, Purchase intention and Neuromarketing.