Social Networks Clothes Shopping and the Influence of Brand Image and Perceived Benefits on Purchase Intention


  • Paula Lopes Instituto Superior de Gestão – Business & Economics School, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Rosa Rodrigues Instituto Superior de Gestão – Business & Economics School, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Miguel Varela Instituto Superior de Gestão – Business & Economics School, Lisboa, Portugal



Brand image, Purchase intention, Perceived benefits, Social networks, Clothing sector, Lockdown


The research around social networks have become increasingly important in recent years because they are a powerful means of communication between different generations, especially the younger ones. Social networks are occupying a privileged place in the marketing and communication of brands, which has been reflected in the increase in sales in various sectors of activity. The present investigation aims to analyze how the relationship between Brand Image and Clothing Purchase Intention is mediated by the Consumers Perception benefits that this purchase provides them. The study used a quantitative methodology with questionnaire survey which had the participation of 947 subjects p in the study, aged between 18 and 55 years (M = 28.69, SD = 9.16), who during the period of confinement, caused by the pandemic situation, bought clothing through social networks. The results revealed that Brand Image has a significantly positive impact on Purchase Intention, but when Perceived Benefits enter in the model, the effect diminishes, although it remains positive and significant. It is verified that there is a partial mediation of the Perceived Benefits, which indicates that it has an indirect effect on consumers Purchase Intention. This research is important for marketing professionals to deepen their knowledge about Brand Image importance and the Perception of its Benefits has on consumers Purchase Intention, in order to develop Marketing and Advertising effective strategies to reach the target audience.