Specialised Media Monitoring Tool to Observe Situational Awareness


  • Heloise Pieterse Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
  • Carien Van 't Wouth Capgemini Amsterdam
  • Zubeida Kahn Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
  • Chris Serfontein Council for Scientific and Industrial Research




open source informaiton, digital media, social media, monitoring, intelligence, situational awareness


The 21st century witnessed the rise of the digital age via the evolution of the Internet. A direct result of the established digital era is the growth of digital media. Although traditional media, such as print and broadcasting, remains relevant, the low accessibility and limited reach impact the effectiveness of such media. In comparison, digital media, such as social media, provides access to vast collections of open-source information. The open-source information available on digital media platforms is current and easily accessible. However, conversion of open-source information into intelligence becomes a time-consuming and quite ineffective process due to the large quantities of information available. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools attempt to address such limitations by offering technological solutions that provide access to up to date, as well as easily searchable digital information. Thus, OSINT tools, such as Shodan and Maltego, streamline the conversion of open-source information into intelligence. This paper introduces the design of a new but specialised media monitoring tool to assist with the monitoring of open-source information towards enabling situational awareness. The key design feature of this new media monitoring tool is to offer versatility by guiding the collection of open-source information. Controlling the amount of information gathered in turn improves the efficiency of the processes used to extract intelligence. The obtained intelligence, thus, enables the observation of situational awareness of chosen aspects within a secure environment. Also discussed in this paper is the motivation behind the design of the specialised media monitoring tool, as well as various design considerations, are taken to ensure effective usage of the tool. The paper concludes by discussing the various benefits offered by the specialised media monitoring tool concerning observing situational awareness.