Typology of State Actors' Behavior in Cyber Space





cyber, cyberspace, cyberwarfare, state actors, Replicator Dynamics, Behavior


Cyberwar is no longer subject to "if" but "when." Despite growing interest in cyberspace and cyber war readiness and resilience among academics, researchers, policymakers, and the media, the area needs to be more robust with different terminology that strategically captures the activities of state actors in cyberspace. The paper aims to provide a strategic classification of the activities of state actors in cyberspace. A typology is developed to encapsulate the strategic complexity of the activities of state actors in this terrain. The typology can illuminate the current global proportion and payoff of each type.

Author Biography

Ada Peter, Covenant University, Nigeria

Professor, Digital Infrastructure, and International Security. She produces comprehensive, policy-focused, nontechnical cybersecurity documents that emphasize and teach senior principal state officials how to make informed cyber policy planning decisions. Her current research focuses on how U.S. national cyber strategies undermine critical infrastructures' protection against previous and potential cyber weapons.