Securi-Chain: Enhancing Smart Contract Security in Blockchain Systems Through Optimized Access Control


  • Keanu Swart Student
  • Stacey Omeleze Baror Research Mentor
  • Hein Venter Research Mentor



Access-Control, Security-Requirements, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Transactions


With the increase in usage of blockchain technology across domains, there is a high demand for the need of secure access control and a high level of security for smart contracts within blockchain to accommodate the domains that already implement blockchain and become accessible to other domains that require a high level of security in its transactions. This paper aims to evaluate the relationship between the best practices of access control and security of smart contracts in blockchain to optimise the usage of both technologies for blockchain usage across domains into a generalized blockchain model named the Securi-Chain Model. A literature review compares the relationship between access control and the security of smart contracts across three domains: Healthcare, IoT, and e-voting. Based on the findings of the literature review, Securi-Chain is proposed to implement the best practices displayed in these three domains and combine them in a way that ensures secure transactions across blockchain as a generalized approach that can be used throughout various domains. This model will also implement methods that enhance the security of transaction processes within the system. A Case Scenario is used to implement the Securi-Chain Model for the Healthcare and e-voting domains to display how this proposed model is used for domains that have been researched. The research that is conducted found that blockchain networks can support not only high-level access control across transactions in a network but also the security of smart contracts that comply to safeguard confidentiality, integrity, and data accessibility. Secrui-Chain, as well as the findings of the literature review, seem to benefit the domains that have been researched, as well as domains that require a high level of security regarding transactions across a network. These domains can benefit from using blockchain technology as well as the level of security that comes with the access control and security of smart contracts that have been implemented in Securi-Chain.