The Role of Industry-Academia Partnerships Can Play in Cybersecurity:

 Exploring Collaborative Approaches to Address Cybercrime


  • Benjamin Yankson University at Albany
  • Emmanuel Berkoh
  • Mubarak Hussein
  • Yvonne Dadson



Cybercrime presents a pervasive threat globally, affecting governments, organizations, and individuals. Addressing this threat requires collaborative efforts, particularly between industry and academia. This paper delves into the key role played by industry-academia partnerships in elevating cybersecurity training and awareness, intending to narrow gaps and align the trajectories of cybersecurity professionals. Employing a secondary research methodology, this study provides insights into the impact of collaborations between academia and industry on Cybersecurity education and awareness. It identifies areas within the education sector that can be improved to enhance cybersecurity awareness. The findings emphasize the crucial role of industry-academia partnerships in advancing cybersecurity awareness and resilience, offering potential solutions for cultivating skilled cybersecurity professionals. Additionally, the research aims to contribute to policymaking by advocating for laws and regulations that encourage collaborations between state institutions and industry to mitigate cybersecurity crime effectively.