A Strategic Path for Digital Transformation in Cyber Warfare for African Militaries





digital transformation, cyber warfare, cyber operation, cyber defence, cyber attack, african battlespace


Digital disruption has changed the battlefield and increased its complexity for the war fighter. The modern battlefield continues to increase this complexity, due to the evolution of components that constitute military capability. The technologies, processes and the users are such components. The modern battlefield relies on advanced technologies tapping on high connectivity, are more lethal, precise, and autonomous. Due to this evolution, areas once thought to be safe from conventional attacks are increasingly becoming vulnerable. This evolution of technology and shorter development curves have also increased the prominence of the cyberspace, as a domain of war. However, many militaries, especially in Africa are still operating legacy systems and struggling with modernizing their systems to take advantage of the digital evolution. This paper, therefore, uses a systematic literature review and benchmarking focusing on selected super cyber power nations’ indices to propose a strategic path for African militaries to drive digital transformation in their operational environments. The roadmap is proposed to stimulate the establishment and enhancement of African militaries’ cyber warfighting capabilities in the digital age. The objectives of this digital transformation path include establishing a digital backbone, where all the sensors, effectors and the deciders are plugged to share information and intelligence.