Cybersafe: Gamifying Cybersecurity Training with a Training App


  • Carlos Roque UAGM Gurabo Campus
  • Gareth Moodley University of Nebraska Omaha
  • Sayonnha Mandal University of Nebraska at Omaha



Mobile Devices, Phishing, Social Engineering, Gamify, Vulnerability, Cyber security


The rapidly evolving digital landscape has triggered a surge in cybersecurity threats, particularly social engineering techniques which demand innovative and accessible countermeasures to combat them in an accessible and real-time format. We present "Cybersafe," a mobile application designed to empower users to identify and combat common social engineering exploits effectively. The transformative concept behind this initiative aims to reshape traditional cybersecurity training by introducing a gamified, user-friendly platform suitable for all age groups. Cybersafe’s application's functionality revolves around interactive quizzes that assess users' ability to identify threats. The findings from the research serve as a valuable resource for cybersecurity trainers, application developers, and organizations striving for a secure digital environment.