Education and Training Against Threat of Phishing Emails


  • Ladislav Burita University of Defense, Brno
  • Ivo Klaban University of Defense, Brno
  • Tomas Racil University of Defense, Brno



phishing threats, phishing attacks, analysis of phishing emails, education and training


The research results published in this article are oriented toward two areas: phishing email analysis and education for defense against the threats of phishing emails. The first topic builds on previous research primarily by analyzing changes in captured phishing emails over an interval of 4 weeks, half a year after the previous experiment. In this section, a statistical survey of phishing emails from both experiments is carried out and emails are segmented into categories focused on business, charity, asset transfer, and fund offers. The results of both experiments are then compared and validated. Based on this comparison and validation, a conclusion is made on trends and development in the phishing email domain in the last half a year. The second focus of our research is analysis of the existing education and testing systems for phishing emails. Based on the results of the analysis, a suitable system for university education and training against phishing and other malicious email threats will be designed. There is also an analysis of existing systems for improving and testing users' ability to recognize and react to phishing emails. Based on our findings about these systems, our own system is proposed. An experiment is prepared on "self-service" testing of phishing email detection skills performed by students with their colleagues. Some activists were employed to assist with this experiment; they will operate and prepare the environment according to the processed scenario. All experiments must be completely safe and effective at the same time. The experiments will be evaluated and the experience used to develop the education and training system at the university.