Cyberbullying Indicator as a Precursor to a Cyber Construct Development


  • Salam Al-Romaihi Community College Qatar, Doha
  • Richard Ikuesan



Cyberbullying indicator construct, cyberbullying, cybercrime, Olwens bullying cycle, behavioural indicators


The current global pandemic occasioned by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been attributed, partially, to the growing range of cyber vises within the cyber ecosystem. One area of such impact is the increasing tendencies of cyber-bullying among students. Cyberbullying -the act of subjugating others using a cyber platform- is a growing concern among educators, especially in High-Schools. Whilst studies have been carried out towards understanding this menace, the approach towards identifying indicators of cyberbullying is largely missing in the literature. To address this research gap, this study proposed a cyberbullying framework based on the identification of some observable behavioral indicators. Using a self-administered measurement instrument from 30-respondents, the study observed the probability of a cyberbully construct, as a potential measure of the presence of cyberbullying; a probability that has been largely ignored in extant literature. This observation presents a veritable tool for the development of an active and integrated learning platform void of abuse among students. Furthermore, within the cyber education ecosystem, a cyberbullying construct would provide a mechanism for the development of an appropriate online learning platform, which would be useful to the information system and cyber education research communities.