Digital Geopolitics: A Review of the Current State


  • Gazmend Huskaj Geneva Centre for Security Policy



current, state, digital, geopolitics, review


The purpose of this research product is to present the current state of digital geopolitics. Digital Geopolitics is attracting much attention. It features in national digital strategies (for those countries that have those), and there is some research on the topic. However, until now, no systematic and up-to-date review of the scientific literature on digital geopolitics exists. This article reviews the scientific literature using the computational literature review method. 124 articles were identified in a scientific database. After removing articles without author and abstract, 120 articles remained to read, cluster and present in this research product. The findings present that research output increases from 2015 and onwards, 53 topics are covered in the data set, and top cited articles and top publication venues are presented. The answer to the research question is that based on the results and the manual clustering of topics, it is indicative that the Technology, Informational, Geography are Security areas have a high focus, with less focus on, for example, political and health areas.