How to Measure the Impact Generated by the Gender Equality Plan?




Impact Drivers, Actors’ mobilisation, Person-centred approach


Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) are the primary policy tool to advance gender equality in research and innovation in Europe. The European Commission has mandated an institutional requirement for all public and research performing organisations applying for Horizon Europe 2021-2027 grants. These entities must develop GEPs addressing organisational culture, work-life balance, gender balance in leadership, recruitment and career progression, gender mainstreaming in research and teaching, and measures against gender-based violence. The Commission has outlined four mandatory elements for GEPs: they must be public documents, allocate resources for implementation, be based on sex/gender-disaggregated data collection and monitoring, and include training and capacity building. This new requirement is expected to stimulate significant activity at institutional and state levels across EU countries. From the research presented here, we expect an ongoing self-assessment of the progress of the actions implementation to reduce gender inequality and valuable suggestions for the future GEP UniBs 2025-2027 design and planning.

Author Biographies

Aanna Brescianini, Università degli Studi di Brescia

Anna Brescianini is PHD student at University of Brescia, Italy, faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. She has a degree in Economics and has also worked for about 20 years in the Innovation&Projects Department of a social cooperative for job placement for disadvantaged people.

Mariasole Bannò, Università degli Studi di Brescia

Mariasole Bannò is Associate Professor at University of Brescia, Italy, where she teaches economics and management. She holds a PhD in Economics and Management of Technology at University of Bergamo, Italy. She is President of gender Commission at University of Brescia and Equity manager for the Cost Action CA20101 PRIORITY

Camilla Federici, Università degli Studi di Brescia

Camilla Federici is Research Fellow at University of Brescia Italy where she works on a research project on Gender Equality Plan implementation. She holds a MA in Gender and International Development at University of Warwick UK. She is Equity Advisor for the Cost Action CA20101-PRIORITY.