Filipino Hospitality Industry Gender Disparities: Hiring Practices, Salary Levels, and Promotional Opportunities


  • Jeanneth Darroca Iloilo Science and Technology University
  • Tadema Formarejo Iloilo Science and Technology University
  • Leizl Alfonso Capiz State University
  • Mary Cosette Corbo West Visayas State University



Gender Disparity, Occupational Segregation, Glass Ceiling, Work-Life Balance, Philippine Hospitality Industry


This research employs a qualitative approach, utilizing the snowball sampling technique to conduct in-depth interviews with women from various roles within the Filipino hospitality sector. The study employs narrative analysis to elucidate discriminatory practices in hiring, remuneration, and professional advancement opportunities. Findings reveal a pattern of gender disparities, with biased recruitment practices directing women into lower-paid service roles while men ascend to leadership positions. A significant pay gap persists, attributed to occupational segregation and undervaluation of female-dominated professions. The study identifies unconscious biases, lack of mentorship, and a corporate culture favoring stereotypically "male" leadership attributes as barriers to career progression. Recommendations include advocating for anti-discrimination legislation, transparent hiring protocols, and addressing pay differentials through audits and awareness initiatives. Employers are urged to implement unbiased recruitment and mentorship programs, while educational institutions and civil society organizations play roles in empowering women and advocating for policy reform. The study underscores the need for collective commitment to gender equality to transform the Filipino hospitality industry into a model of inclusivity and collaboration.

Author Biographies

Jeanneth Darroca, Iloilo Science and Technology University

Jeanneth F. Darroca is a renowned academic in Hotel and Restaurant Management, graduating with honors in the field. She also holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Doctor of Education from the University of the Visayas. Jeanneth has extensive leadership experience in hospitality and is the founder of SUCAHTEP, Inc

Tadema Formarejo, Iloilo Science and Technology University

Tadema B. Formarejo is a specialist in Hospitality and Tourism Management. She holds a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Technology, Home Economics, and a Doctorate in Management focusing on Tourism and Hospitality Management. She combines academic excellence with real-world experience to mentor aspiring industry professionals.

Leizl Alfonso, Capiz State University

Leizl S. Alfonso teaches at the Hospitality Management Department at Capiz State University in Sigma, Capiz, Philippines. She holds a master's degree in Business Administration and a doctorate in Business Management specializing in Hospitality Management from the Philippine Women's University. Leizl is also certified as an APIEM Event Educator and a Guest Service Professional.

Mary Cosette Corbo, West Visayas State University

Mary Cosette T. Corbo is a seasoned educator in Hospitality Management with over two decades of dedicated experience. She has taught a range of subjects including Food and Beverage Services, Housekeeping, Bakery Arts, Banquet Management, Bartending, and Tourism. With TESDA certifications, she has also mentored numerous successful graduates.