Luxury ecotourism: The beneficial of the social media platform


  • Anh Dao Kim Tomas Bata University



Luxury ecotourism, Ecotourism, social media


Tourism is one of the biggest industries that has ever growth in the past few decades. Within the industry, ecotourism stands out to be a new norm of tourism, where tourists visit the wildlife, and nature habitat without damaging the environment and being within the area. Therefore, ecotourism become popular and well-known within the industry and with tourists around the world. However, the concept of luxury ecotourism is still new to many people. The idea of luxury ecotourism is to give the consumer the satisfaction of visiting wildlife, communities, and space, where remaining the luxury of the trip. The approach is applying ethical to luxury tourism, making the customer feel comfortable about not damaging the area they visit. The idea is fascinating but the popularity of this still needs work. That is where the benefit of technology comes in. The paper is focusing on the factor that can help spread luxury ecotourism to more customers, and in this case, is social media. Social media uphold the wide range and spreading speed that no other platform has, which might be beneficial to promote any kind of product or service. The paper is using secondary data from past research and paper, to form an idea of how social media can benefit the growth of luxury ecotourism.