Inventorying tourist resources: Assessment of the tourist potential of Vieira do Minho


  • José Luís Braga European Institute of Higher Studies
  • Isabel Borges Instituto Europeu de Estudos Superiores
  • Sandra Brás
  • Catarina Mota Instituto Europeu de Estudos Superiores
  • Fernando Costa Câmara Municipal de Vieira do Minho



This research aims to give an account of the process of inventorying tourist resources of the municipality of Vieira do Minho, located in the district of Braga, in the northwest of Portugal. Specifically, the natural, gastronomic, folkloric, handicraft resources, as well as events were analysed. The justification underlying this study lies in the absence perceived in the municipality, with regard to a complete and detailed cataloguing of all tourist resources. This entailed the creation of an inventory, where it was possible to make a “radiograph” of the existing tourist resources. Thus, some research questions guide our study: (1) How attractive are the tourist resources in Vieira do Minho? (2) What singularity do these resources present? (3) How can we classify Vieira do Minho’s tourist resources according to their notoriety? The potential of a tourist destination is defined by the importance and characteristics of the tourist resources, so its identification is essential for its development process. Each tourist resource examined in this inventory was evaluated, ensuring the most truthful and authentic assessment possible, so that, in this way, some gaps in terms of conservation and preservation of these resources can be filled. This inventory is a tool to make it possible to design and outline plans to boost tourism in the municipality of Vieira do Minho. The survey of resources was based on bibliographical research and empirical research, embodied in the stocktaking of all possible resources according to the following classification: attractiveness (international, national, regional, local and null), uniqueness (good, average and common), notoriety (high, average and low), as well as the quality of accessibility. The results presented in this work allow both the visitor and the Municipality of Vieira do Minho to enjoy detailed information and knowledge of the various tourist resources available in this destination. The present study, by carrying out an inventory and classification of tourist resources in Vieira do Minho, will contribute to transforming the local tourist heritage into resources and products likely to meet the needs of the market segments that choose Vieira do Minho as a destination for their holidays.