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Developing a smart destination. Insights from Slovakia


  • Lenka Dzúriková Full time PhD student
  • Vanda Maráková
  • Martin Timko



smart tourism, indicators, smart destination development, Valencian Network of Smart Destination Indicators


Incorporating smart tourism into development priorities is the key aspect for tourism destinations and therefore, it should be approached accordingly. In theory, smart tourism development is considered as a factor in achieving sustainable competitiveness of tourism destinations. The application of smart destination shifts the destination development; however, the progress is under-researched so far. The efficient destination management requires tools for measuring smart tourism development. For that reason, the aim of this paper is to apply the methodological framework for measuring smart tourism development in a selected Slovak destination (the Banská Bystrica region). We have applied the methodology based on the Valencian Network of Smart Destination Indicators. The methodology was adapted to the availability of the input data at a regional level in Slovakia and tested in the Banská Bystrica region (NUTS 3). The obtained findings reveal that the Banská Bystrica region is aware of the need to implement smart solutions to improve the quality of life in the region for its residents, as well as visitors. The paper provides recommendation on what data needs to be collected and how these data can be obtained at a regional level in order to assess smart tourism development. The research conducted has further applicability in different destinations and on different levels. However, it is limited by the availability of the input data, which can determine the applicability of the indicators in Slovakia.