Indigenous Games as a Catalyst for Sport Tourism Development in South Africa




Indigenous games, sport tourism, tourism development, South Africa


This preliminary study seeks to investigate the role of indigenous games as catalysts for sport tourism development in South Africa. By employing a mixed-methods approach, qualitative data will be gathered through in-depth interviews with key informants, including government officials responsible for cultural affairs, organizers of indigenous games, and various stakeholder groups. Quantitative data on its part will be sourced from residents in host communities and from event participants and spectators. By examining multi-stakeholder perspectives on the phenomenon, the research aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how indigenous games can be utilised as tools for sport tourism development in South Africa. The anticipated outcomes of the study include insights into the ways indigenous games can enhance South Africa's appeal as a sport tourism destination. Understanding key stakeholders’ perspectives regarding indigenous games could reveal the potential areas of leveraging indigenous games for sport tourism. The implications of this research could be far-reaching, offering guidance to policymakers, tourism boards, and cultural organisations involved in their hosting. By recognizing the value of indigenous games in the broader context of sport tourism, stakeholders could develop strategies to promote sustainable tourism practices, preserve cultural heritage, and foster inclusive economic growth. This study's outcomes should contribute to the ongoing discourse on the intersection of culture, sports, and tourism, emphasising the importance of indigenous games as a unique and underexplored asset in South Africa's sport tourism landscape. Ultimately, the findings could inform initiatives that capitalise on the synergies between cultural heritage and tourism for the benefit of both local communities and the broader South African economy.

Author Biographies

Abenathi Ivy Ntelezi, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Tourism & Events Department, Faculty of Business & Management Sciences, Masters Student

Hilary Kennedy Nji Bama, University of the Free State

Department: Business Management, Faculty: Economic and Management Sciences, Senior Lecturer