Sustainable Tourism Practices in the Post-Covid Era: Lessons from Southern Africa




Sustainable tourism, post-Covid-19, pandemic recovery strategies, eco-tourism, community-based tourism, tourism development


For several decades, the southern African region, with its diverse natural and cultural attractions, has been an uninterrupted prime destination for sustainable tourism. However, the devastating Covid-19 pandemic presented severe challenges to the global tourism industry, crippling several businesses. The effect was more pronounced especially in the global south, including southern Africa which is confronted by a multitude of challenges. Meanwhile, this crisis presented opportunities for the adoption of sustainable tourism practices in the post-Covid era. This paper provides insights into sustainable tourism practices in the post-Covid era, drawing lessons on how the southern African region survived the crisis. The paper discusses the concept of sustainable tourism and its importance in the post- Covid era. Furthermore, it explores the impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry in southern Africa and the need for sustainable tourism practices. Sustainable tourism practices that have been adopted in the region, such as community-based tourism, eco-tourism, and responsible tourism are discussed. This paper highlights the lessons that can be learned from sustainable tourism practices in southern Africa in the post- Covid era. These lessons can be applied globally to promote sustainable tourism and ensure the resilience of the tourism industry in the face of future crises.

Author Biographies

Gift Muresherwa, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Lecturer and Departmental Research Coordinator, Tourism & Events Department, Faculty of Business & Management Sciences, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa 

Washington Makuzva, University of Mpumalanga

Lecturer and Program Coordinator, School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Faculty of Economics, Development and Business Sciences, South Africa,

Cynthia Nokubonga Dube, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Acting Head of Department, Department of Tourism and Events Management, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, South Africa,