The limited hospitality career knowledge of learners In Township High Schools, Cape Town


  • Celiwe Anathi Menze Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  • Dr Nyathela-Sunday Cape Peninsula University of Technology



Hospitality industry knowledge, High school learners, Cape Town townships


The hospitality sector contributes positively towards the SDG’s by addressing youth employment and economic challenges, specifically in South Africa. Therefore, awareness and knowledge regarding careers and opportunities that are available within the hospitality industry are vital. As a result, high schools are encouraged to incorporate the relevant knowledge about careers within the curriculum. Hence, this paper reports on the level of hospitality knowledge of high school learners in Cape Town townships. This was a cross-sectional study that followed a quantitative approach, whereby data was collected using questionnaires. Respondents were 720 pre-matric (Grade 11) learners who attended school in townships. Data were analysed using the Number Cruncher Statistical System (NCSS) 9. Thirty-seven per cent (37,2%) of the learners indicated that they received information about the hospitality industry through various platforms . The findings above are substantiated by the results that indicate that most learners (67.2%) know nothing about the hospitality industry. Furthermore, a few learners (28,5%) indicated to know about the industry. To support this statement, 8,8% mentioned available careers to be within the medical field. The present findings showcase the knowledge gaps that exist at the high school level, and this has a negative effect on the career choice and employment opportunities the hospitality industry offers. This calls for an intervention from higher education and industry to address identified gaps. The findings of the study share valuable insights regarding limited access to hospitality careers. This is a challenge because it hinders knowledge of career and employment opportunities.

Author Biographies

Celiwe Anathi Menze, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Mrs Celiwe Menze is a Lecturer at the Cape Town Hotel School, Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She lectures hospitality management and has an interest in career guidance in relation to the hospitality industry . She serves in the research committee within the department and other committees at faculty level. 

Dr Nyathela-Sunday, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Dr Tshinakaho Nyathela-Sunday is a Senior Lecturer at Cape Town Hotel School, Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Also, responsible for research and internationalisation coordinator. She serves on various internal and external committees. She is a researcher in hospitality management and related fields. She has participated in various international conferences and has published journal articles.