The Challenges of Tourism Sector Employees in Türkiye: Aegean Region Example




Tourism, Tourism Sector Employees Challenges, Working Life, Occupational Psychology, Türkiye


The aim of this study is to reveal the challenges experienced by employees in the tourism sector in Türkiye and to
privede suggestions for the remediation of issus.The method of the research is a qualitative research method. Research
sample includes 21 tourism employees in the Aegean Region, which is one of the important regions of the tourism sector for
Türkiye. A semi-structured interview form has been used for the research. The form contains 6 open-ended questions and 5
demographic variables. Content analysis has been used in the research. According to the results, the most important
challenges of employees have become evident as low wage level, long working hours, lack of social-cultural activities, lack of
motivation, and insufficient accommodation opportunities in Türkiye. An important point that draws attention here is that
the challenges expressed by employees indicate the dimensions of job satisfaction. At this point, it can be said that tourism
sector employees have no/insufficient job satisfaction. In this respect, it may be recommended to measure the job
satisfaction of tourism sector employees in future research. In order to eliminate or alleviate these challenges, wage policies
can be reconsidered and wage increases can be achieved, wage policies specific to the tourism sector can be developed.
Regarding the regulation of long working hours, the 4-day working week model is currently implemented in various countries
of the world (such as England and Germany). Pilot applications can be made for tourism workers. In addition, social-cultural
activities can be organized for employees at regular intervals. Lodgings and houses close to workplaces can be provided by
employers to improve accommodation opportunities for their employees. Thus, improving the problems of employees in the
tourism sector, which is an important source of income for Türkiye, will increase both the quality of life and job satisfaction
of employees.