Tracking the Effects of Groundswell Communication on the Attitudinal and Purchasing Behaviour of Consumers of Eco-Friendly Products


  • Simona Ščepková slovenská
  • Anna Zaušková



The expansion of the dialogue and individual customer values due to active development of digital communication, which is related to innovation of digital communication and its integration into all areas of marketing communication, requires examination of emotions and emotional responses in the "business - online community - customer" communication process. Globalization but also the development of digital technologies have led to the integration of traditional and digital presentation of business entities into a unified whole, contributing to the emergence of the currently popular phenomenon of the groundswell. The presence of new forms of social interaction, particularly in the realm of social media, supports the creation and dissemination of so-called community communication about businesses and their products, often without their knowledge. As a result of this phenomenon and the possibility of quickly obtaining information and comparing companies across various online channels, there is a change in consumer behaviour. The groundswell defines a new trend in communication between organizations and unofficial institutions (fans, customers, consumers), which has a significant impact on business in any industry. However, the spread of hoaxes and false information about eco-products can be a problem. Social media users become victims of community opinion, and their belief in the need for eco-friendly behaviour in the purchasing process often has a decreasing tendency. Uncoordinated management of the groundswell indicates a societal issue, which is why the authors of the research article aimed to investigate and systematically describe the impact of groundswell activities on previously environmentally conscious customers, as well as on customers who were unaware of eco-products. In their scientific study, the authors present the findings of theoretical research aimed at ecological brands, products and users who have been exposed to the effect of groundswell as well as the potential of neuromarketing usage in the given field.