Industry 4.0 and Technological Evolution in CNC Machines


  • Acendino Neto
  • Fernando Romero University of Minho



This work, entirely based on a documental research strategy, consists of an analysis of the technological evolution of the machining processes with Computer Numerical Control machines regarding the new concept of Industry 4.0. This concept involves integration of cyber-physical systems with the manufacturing processes, the use of the Internet of Things in industrial processes and the development of complex virtual systems. An attempt was made to understand how current processes can be adapted or changed to the concept under study when analyzing the evolution of  machining tools for CNC machines. A thorough study was done to adopt the distinguishing features of the Industry 4.0 concept, applying it to machining processes in CNC machines. The use of virtual technology in machining tools is still a subject in development, and it was one of the main focus of this work. The main factors that can influence directly or indirectly the production processes of a factory with CNC machines were analyzed. The types of machining processes for CNC machines and the types of machining tools developed with virtual technology possibilities were studied and explored. Following the analysis, suggestions for future applications and for improvements in production structures are proposed.