Knowledge Management and Interorganizational Networks of the Wine Industry


  • Cinthya Mônica da Silva Zanuzzi Federal University of Santa Catarina



Inter-organizational network, knowledge management, knowledge management processes, wine, Portugal


Interorganizational networks have stood out in the agribusiness sector as arrangements in which people collaborate and cooperate to obtain external knowledge resources, and to drive innovation and sustainability. Therefore, knowledge management (KM), through its practices and processes, assists in the creation and sharing of knowledge collaboratively among network participants. The present study aims to analyze the knowledge processes adopted in interorganizational networks of the Portuguese wine supply chain. The research is applied in nature and adopts a qualitative approach through a descriptive exploratory study. The multiple case study method was used, carried out in three wine networks in the wine regions of Tagus and Alentejo in Portugal. Field data were collected using the interview technique, supported by a semi-structured script. The results indicate that the companies participating in the networks have common goals: to access external knowledge resources, reach international markets, develop product innovations, and create sustainable brands. However, the findings also allow us to consider that access to knowledge resources depends on the capacity of each company in the network. Thus, the mere formation of networks does not guarantee that the dissemination of knowledge will occur.