Impact of knowledge management process on Business Model Innovation: the moderating role of Wise Leadership


  • Insaf Ben Ghanem ESSEC Tunisia
  • Ayoub Nefzi
  • Amel Chaabouni



This research examines the impact of the knowledge management (KM) process on Business model innovation (BMI) via Leadership styles. The perspective of knowledge management suggests a knowledge process architecture of acquisition, conversion, application, and protection. This study also proposes to examine the moderating role of wise leadership in the relationship between the KM process and BMI. We empirically analyze a sample of 200 managers in Tunisian banks, the hypothesized relationships were tested through the maximum likelihood method (LISERL). The findings of the study reveal that wise leadership has a positive effect on the KM process. The authors encourage organizations to use this style to maximize the effect of leadership on KM. Moreover, wise leadership has been evidenced in this research as having part moderating effect between KM process and BMI. The authors also recommend financial companies increase their innovation activities through the BMI.