Sources of Knowledge About Cryptocurrencies: Polish Students Perspective


  • Monika Eisenbardt University of Economics in Katowice
  • Tomasz Eisenbardt University of Warsaw



knowledge, sources of knowledge, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Poland perspective


People obtain knowledge from different sources, depending on the issues that they wish to analyze or resolve. In this paper, the authors examine the sources of knowledge on cryptocurrencies that can be useful for young people. The authors used a survey questionnaire to collect empirical data. The sample consisted of students from Polish universities representing the population that is particularly interested in new technologies and solutions emerging on the market, as exemplified by cryptocurrencies. The purpose of this paper is to find an answer to the main research question: What sources of knowledge about cryptocurrencies have students used? Two criteria were taken into account, namely the respondents’ gender and the location of the universities where they studied. The general results showed that students choose modern, preferably well-known sources of knowledge about cryptocurrencies such as popular information websites and social media as well as information provided by their family and friends. The gender analysis showed that the main differences concern the sources of knowledge on cryptocurrencies: popular information websites were chosen more often by men, whereas television and radio were used more frequently by females. Regarding the location of the university, our findings showed that the approach of students to sources of knowledge tends to be similar, regardless of whether they study in Warsaw or Katowice. A difference was found for only one variable, i.e., family and friends. Thus, family and friends were a source of knowledge that students from Warsaw used more frequently than those from Katowice. It may indicate that metropolitan students are more sociable or family-minded.