Multidimensionality of Knowledge in Strategic Innovation Processes of Enterprises in the Light of Research Results


  • SYLWIA ŁĘGOWIK-ŚWIĄCIK Czestochowa University of Technology Faculty of Management



knowledge, strategic innovation, enterprise management


The publication raises the research question: what dimensions of knowledge are significant in strategic innovation processes of enterprises and what implications in this area can be observed in the case of enterprises of the logistics industry. By focusing on the use of the three dimensions of knowledge in
the process of building strategic innovation, the strength and direction of the linear relationship between knowledge understood as the company’s ability to learn and strategic innovation was examined. In
the counterpoint, the attention was drawn to the concept of ‘a sustainable enterprise’ which integrates knowledge and strategic innovation, providing the framework for the implementation of new solutions. This article is both a theoretical and practical contribution to the research into the determinants of strategic innovation in the context of the company’s ability to learn. The empirical research was based on the sample of 100 enterprises belonging to the logistics industry in Poland. The research period was the years of 2020-2021. The applied research methods were critical literature analysis, survey questionnaire and Pearson’s correlation analysis. The conclusions from the research suggest that along with an increase in knowledge in the surveyed enterprises there is an increase in innovation strategy in decision-making processes. Moreover, the publication deepens the understanding of various contexts of positive relationships between the three dimensions of knowledge and strategic innovation, which leads to the search for new implications in the changing economic environment. The subject of the significance of knowledge in strategic innovation processes of enterprises is important and up to date since it contributes to the discussion on the extent to which enterprises ought to implement knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.