The Dynamics of Knowledge in the Implementation Of The Distribution Channels Changing Project Under Conditions of the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study


  • Marcin Stepien Czestochowa University of Technology



dynamics of knowledge, change management, development strategy


The purpose of the study is to identify and evaluate the impact of knowledge dynamics processes on the effectiveness of the project implementation of changes in product distribution channels under conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Implementation of changes is a result of external circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Adaptation activities can be based on project management aimed at changing existing distribution channels in a turbulent environment. With reference to the considerations presented in the study, it can be pointed out that knowledge management processes allow to observe and describe changes in the environment, indicating the justification of emerging threats and opportunities in the company's environment and the company's response, particularly under COVID -19 pandemic conditions, which fills an identified research gap.  The implication from the research is that there is a significant impact of external conditions, shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, on the implemented project of changing sales in different distribution channels, which can be neutralized by the effectiveness of knowledge management in the company. The research methods used to achieve the stated objective are literature study, descriptive analysis and case study. The empirical research was based on a company making its sales in the European market. The study period was 2018-2020. The research problem is important and current issue because of possibility of achieving companies knowledge increment and increase the effectiveness of project implementation in the perspective of changes in the external environment.