Open Design: Exploring the Use of Open Knowledge in Service Design


  • Anıl Dinç Demirbilek Izmir University of Economics
  • Onur Mengi Izmir University of Economics



open design, open knowledge, service design, innovation management, knowledge management


The aim of this paper is to investigate the usage of open knowledge in service design platforms within the theoretical framework of open design. The paper also explores the innovative outcomes of the integration of knowledge management into service design through available digital environments and tools. The methodology is based on a framework analysis of current research on open design and open knowledge, and a critical review of case studies in the service design industry. The structure of the methodology consists of two phases. For the first, framework analysis is employed to organize and examine open design, through the process of summary, to reach a flexible matrix output. The second phase is to analyse different service design platforms as a case study, considering the theoretical discussions of open design that would allow the positioning open knowledge as an instrument to create innovative solutions within service models. The findings will discuss the importance of open design in the context of knowledge management. A critical review of theoretical discussions will enable the exploration of open knowledge in service design through the utilization of digital technologies, and how it responds to emerging problems, and creates solutions and opportunities using technological systems and infrastructure. The relevance of our findings and implications for knowledge management underline the importance of open knowledge integration within service structures. The case study provides a contemporary approach to open design as a methodology, which leads to improved understanding of service design capabilities for the creation of participant involvement in knowledge generation and management. The paper generates value for knowledge communities and designers in different sectors, while illustrating the significance effect of open design methodology on shaping service flows and structures built up on open knowledge.

Author Biographies

Anıl Dinç Demirbilek, Izmir University of Economics

Research Assistant from Izmir University of Economics Department of Industrial Design. He started his master studies in Izmir University of Economics, Department of Design Studies in 2020. His main research areas are open design and user-centered design.

Onur Mengi, Izmir University of Economics

Onur Mengi, Ph.D

Dr Onur Mengi is Associate Professor in Industrial Design and Vice Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Izmir University of Economics in Turkey, and research fellow in the Creative Industries Faculty, at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. His research concentrates on urban design, urban planning, design strategies, design management and place-based development processes.

Izmir University of Economics, Turkey


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