The Process of Sharing Knowledge in the Implementation of a Marketing Project: A Proposal for a Data Selection Model


  • Małgorzata Łęgowik-Małolepsza Czestochowa University of Technology



sharing knowledge, marketing project, business models, decision making


The study addresses the problem of sharing knowledge, indicating its impact on the implementation of a marketing project in enterprises. All the considerations presented have been divided into two main parts, theoretical and empirical. The considerations presented in the first part include the characteristics of designing the company's marketing activities in the context of sharing knowledge. The next, second part of the study presents the possibilities of using information management in the process of sharing knowledge during the implementation of a marketing project. The third part discusses the processes of sharing knowledge in a marketing project. The next part describes the research methods. Subsequently, the study is an attempt to answer the research question - how does the sharing of knowledge create the implementation of the marketing project of the surveyed company? As a consequence of this question, the aim of the study was to develop a model of data selection determining sharing knowledge and information management during the implementation of a marketing project in an enterprise. The issue of sharing knowledge in the implementation of a marketing project is important and current due to its impact on decision-making processes in enterprises in the perspective of maintaining a competitive position on the market. The publication contributes to the discussion on the extent to which enterprises use sharing knowledge processes in order to gain a competitive advantage through the implementation of marketing activities.