Smart working paradigms in a hybrid working era


  • Daniela Robu AHS



Keywords: digital transformation, ABCD model, digital competencies, innovation, human-focused


If we observe top companies in any industry, we notice they have one thing in common: innovation.  Successful business leaders recognize when the same ideas and methods used before aren’t working anymore. Smart, innovative approaches are needed for our hybrid working environment.

The ABCD business model shows that present organizations spend the majority of their time on activities related to business administration (A) and doing repetitive work (D). The rest of the time is allocated to dealing with crises (C), and only nominally to improving the ways business is done (B). Digital transformation, competition, and the need for organizations to leverage technology and innovation in the future will ‘force’ organizations to maintain A, increase B, and (strategize how to) decrease C and D. Two initiatives will be unpacked and common elements will be identified as indicators in improving B.

Five ways to change the game and become a human-focused organization that promotes innovation are proposed based on our learnings:


  1. Encourage a growth mindset of continuous learning, creativity in how problems are solved, and flexibility how work gets done
  2. Encourage innovative thinking; create innovative groups
  3. Build skills, e.g., analytical thinking, innovation, creativity, and initiative


  1. Design a psychologically safe culture, where people are included, can learn, have a sense of belonging, are appreciated, and valued for who they are and what they contribute and challenge.


  1. Create an experimentation lab to TRY-TEST-ADAPT in rapid cycles to learn and fail/learn fast or advance the innovation.

We are faced with multiple, messy issues that require out-of-the-box thinking and innovative solutions. Capturing lessons learned can build leading indicators that will help improve B.  A simulation dashboard that quantifies the change is an innovation tool we plan to develop.