An Applied Knowledge Framework to enable knowledge reuse in consulting firms


  • Evgeniya Ivanova CORE SE



knowledge management in consulting firms, knowledge framework, management consultancy knowledge management


Knowledge is a core product of management consultancies. Consulting firms consider knowledge management to be a core capability for achieving competitive advantage.Knowledge management, especially in project management, faces a lot of challenges that are crucial for the efficiency of work and as a result the success of the projects. According to ISO 30401, there are some knowledge management enablers like human capital, knowledge processes, technology and infrastructure, governance and knowledge sharing culture. Among them are corporate sharing culture, technology and the structure of knowledge which is the most important for companies.  The challenges of knowledge management in a consulting business, for example, time saving and efficiency can be solved within the creation of a structured and target-oriented knowledge framework which enables the reuse of knowledge in the whole consulting company. Qualitative methods were used to conceive, design, and to implement the knowledge framework. The approach has involved workshops that included associates, managers, senior consultants, and project directors. This approach enabled the author to record internal requirements and pain points in the current knowledge management base approach, conduct analysis, set priorities, and conceive a new knowledge framework that was able to solve the pain points of consultants and project managers and support them in their daily business. The new framework includes the following components: a flexible structure that adopts itself to defined tagging structure, the storage of knowledge according to the allocation of the content format, and automatically generated statistics to newly upload and download as well as most used files and documents. The results of conducted feedback workshops and interviews showed that the alignment of the new knowledge framework information architecture to the company’s service portfolio and user-friendly design enabled a quick and target-oriented search for the documents and awareness of relevant and important information and knowledge and as a result lead to the increased efficiency of project work in the consulting company.