Intellectual Capital and Performance: A Case Study of Construction Companies


  • André Sucena 1NECE- Research Center for Business Sciences, Department of Management and Economics, University of Beira Interior (UBI)
  • Florinda Matos
  • António Nunes



Intellectual capital management, human capital, construction, performance


Intellectual Capital Management is a key element for a company's development and value creation in achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Since intellectual capital is unique in the marketplace, companies retaining and transferring internally generated knowledge can face the external environment with more agility. Due to the importance of civil construction in the Portuguese economy, this exploratory research uses a case study methodology applied to construction companies in Portugal. The findings of this research evidenced that intellectual capital management influences the performance of construction companies. By recognising the importance of intellectual capital management and how it influences the performance of companies, it is possible to trigger a set of investments in human capital that will become structural capital through the transfer of their competencies and, finally, relational capital. Therefore, higher performances are achieved without losing the knowledge acquired over the years. This research can help to understand the importance of investing in intellectual capital management competencies in civil construction companies to leverage their competitive strategic development.