Impact on the Transfer of a Management Model in the SMEs of Valle de Aburra, Colombia




knowledge management,, SMEs,, Management Scanner,, Management model,, knowledge transfer.


The objective of the study is to show the impact of knowledge transfer from the university, using a model for business transformation in SMEs in Colombia. The research problem arose after making the diagnosis of each business enterprise, evidencing the need to strengthen its management model; by applying a business model designed for SMEs. For this purpose, the Research and Consulting Center (CIC) of The University of Envigado has designed and implemented a Management System for Business Transformation SIGET PROS.
The methodology used was based on techniques for the collection and analysis of statistical information, making measurements before the transfer of knowledge and after the implementation of the transferred model.
The SIGET PROS is characterized by immersion, which allows diagnostics to be made from within the companies and the construction of strategies, for each one of them, with a team of experts. The findings are presented in two complementary fields: 1) diagnosis of the initial results of each participating SME; and 2) a second diagnosis after the implementation of strategies, for the comparison of the results of appropriation of the transferred knowledge. The usefulness of the findings is in measuring the impact of the transfer of a management model (SIGET PROS), in a group of 50 SMEs. The conclusions indicate that the transfer of knowledge from the universities to the productive sectors allows achieving results that impact each SME.