Smart cities and intellectual capital for urban innovation and future


  • Mauro Romanelli University of Naples Parthenope



intellectual capital, smart cities and communities, urban innovation


Cities are constructing a wealthy future, adopting a smart view in order to support urban development and strengthen the intellectual capital for better quality of life within urban communities. Smart city and intellectual capital help shape cities as engines of innovation. The study aims to elucidate how cities adopt a smart city view to shape a sustainable future, enabling all the components of intellectual capital, driving the city as a smart innovative community. Advancing intellectual capital perspectives helps address a management-oriented view to smart city community. Sustainable urban future and innovation rely on smart cities and smart communities. Intellectual capital is a driver of sustainable urban growth and competitiveness. A smart city enables citizen participation and collaborative spaces for innovation. The study elucidates how smart cities contribute to urban development and intellectual capital as a strategic asset for urban innovation. As engines of innovation, cities evolve as smart, collaborative and sustainable communities.