Managing Knowledge Through the Internet of Everything on an Example of Smart Estate


  • Leszek Kieltyka Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland



knowledge management, Internet of Everything, smart estate, knowledge awareness


The paper presents the research pertaining to various forms of communication conducted in so called smart housing estate. The estate has been fitted with various types of equipment (sensors, tags, transducers), whose task is to provide information. The collected information is a source of knowledge that can be further utilised to ensure efficient management of buildings and the possibility of their communication with the environment. The issues presented in the paper pertain to the analysis of major situational phenomena that occur in a smart estate. The main tool of knowledge management constitute digital operations characteristic of the Internet of Everything. The considerations cover, among others, forms of monitoring of the most important areas of the estate, primarily with regard to ensuring the safety of the residents. By utilising smartphones one can acquire knowledge about monitoring own premises (outside and inside), opening hours of individual shops, post offices, chemists, libraries, etc. The knowledge gathered in this way allows for an insight, among others, into current timetables of all means of communication. It also allows for tracking emergencies with a possibility of informing the relevant services in advance. The paper presents the research that has been conducted among the persons that live in a smart estate, as well as persons who intend to dwell in one. The analysed issues included: residents’ knowledge about smart home solutions, areas in which residents utilise smart home solutions. managing the collected knowledge so as to introduce energy saving appliances. The paper refers to the advantages of utilising smart communication systems in residential buildings in a smart estate. It presents utilisation of the IoE in communicating with any element of a smart home in a smart estate through internet service based on cloud computing. It also characterizes the most vital elements of smart estate management. In a symbolic manner it presents elements, devices, equipment, objects, which based on the accumulated knowledge can be controlled through application of intelligent communication systems operating based on the concept of the Internet of Everything.