Factors Facilitating Knowledge Sharing and Transfer in the South African Transport Sector





public sector, essential factors, complementary factors, critical success factors, knowledge sharing and transfer


The success of a modern public sector depends on knowledge sharing and transfer (KST). This study was motivated by the lack of qualitative studies in the public sector to gain in-depth knowledge of the factors which facilitate KST. While KST is acknowledged to be a critical success factor (CSF) for organisational survival, these factors are under-explored in South Africa (SA). This paper reports on an exploratory study undertaken in the SA public sector to identify the formal and informal practice-based factors which facilitate effective KST. The aim of the study is to investigate two research questions, identify antecedent KST factors in the SA and to investigate the enabling factors which facilitate effective KST amongst employees in the public sector. Qualitative data was collected by semi-structured interviews, guided by the antecedent and enabling research objectives. Data was collected from a purposeful sample of managers in the transport sector. The qualitative interviews were analysed by means of thematic analysis, to interpret the data to identify the CSF which facilitate effective KST in the South African public sector. The study identified two categories of CSF, essential antecedent and complementary enabling practices which combine to facilitate effective KST. Knowledge governance factors, knowledge strategy and change management factors were classified as essential antecedent practices. KST motivation factors and KST enablers, trust, culture, rewards, social networks, and adult learning methods were identified and classified as complementary practices. To solve KST problems, the study elaborates on past research and the blend of complementary and essential practices to
facilitate KST in the public sector. The study modifies the literature on KST drivers suggesting how essential and complementary enabling factors facilitates KST.