Feminism and Entrepreneurship in Prestigious Management Journals: A Critical Analysis





Feminist, women, awareness, entrepreneurship, management


This study explores the intersection of feminism and entrepreneurship within prominent management studies, emphasizing the vital role women entrepreneurs play in economic growth. Despite feminism's societal impact, a significant gap exists in leading management studies, potentially reinforcing a male-centric perspective. To investigate this gap, we conducted a systematic literature review focusing on the top 50 journals in "Business Management and Accounting" and "Strategy and Management." Our review, utilizing the SPAR-4-SLR method, revealed only 11 documents on feminism and entrepreneurship, highlighting limited coverage in top academic journals. We propose addressing this gap through special journal issues and global data collection efforts to advance gender equality in entrepreneurship.

Author Biographies

Chiara Leggerini, University of Brescia

Chiara Leggerini is a PhD student at the University of Brescia, in the course of Energy Transition.

Her research topics concern Corporate Social Responsibility. She is passionate about the issues of sustainability, gender equality and diversity management. She has gained experience in the field through various activities, such as consulting and training.

Mariasole Bannò, University of Brescia

Mariasole Bannò is Associate Professor at University of Brescia, Italy, where she teaches economics and management. She holds a PhD in Economics and Management of Technology at University of Bergamo, Italy. She is President of gender Commission at University of Brescia and Equity manager for the Cost Action CA20101 PRIORITY.

Camilla Federici, University of Brescia

Camilla Federici is Research Fellow at University of Brescia, Italy where she works on a research project in the field of Gender Equality Plan implementation. She holds a MA in Gender and International Development at University of Warwick, UK and a Master in Gender Equality and Diversity Management. She is Equity Advisor for the Cost Action CA20101 PRIORITY.